10 Ways to Help End the Uyghur Genocide

1. Support our campaign branding the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as the #GENOCIDEGAMES

2. Sign the petition calling on the UK government to sanction Chen QuanGuo, the architect of the genocide in the Uyghur region.

3. Don’t buy the products of Uyghur slave labour, or from companies involved in the repressive surveillance of Uyghur people.

4. Call Volkswagen HQ in Germany and ask them to close their factory in the Uyghur region.  

5. Write to your MP and ask them to sign our Parliamentary pledge. 

6. Become a Student Ambassador for the Uyghurs to spread awareness on campus and challenge research, educational and funding links  with entities involved in the genocide or slave labour. To find out more contact jaya.yetagain@gmail.com.

7. Donate. We are charity funded and urgently need money to expand our campaigns.

8. Sign petitions, as many as you can. There are currently live petitions on slave labour, surveillance companies, and for Parliamentary actions.

9. Join us at protests. We are outside the Chinese Embassy in London on the 5th of every month with Uyghur Solidarity Campaign.

10. Follow us, and our Director, Rahima Mahmut, on social media to receive updates.                         

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