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A fascinating research paper by Adrian Zenz on Chinese Policy Experimentation facilitating a means of oppression against the Uyghurs.

This genocide has never just came about, it's been gradual in the making, with local experimentation leading to these camps!

As we mark International Women’s Day, this important event on 4️⃣th March will explore the intersection between the faith and gender specific aspects of the Uyghur genocide and in particular its impact on #Uyghur women.

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Nikos Kouthouri-Whittaker, two Uyghur students, and the CU Amnesty International Society launched a campaign calling on the University to cut ties with China; having already published the “Surveillance Research Letter” and “Faculty Complicity Letter.”

As the family member of the innocent prisoner, the report of Alexei Navalny's death makes me think about my mother. We are living in fear everyday because our family members are unlawfully detain. We need to stop dictators for imprisoning innocent people. #FreeRahileDawut

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