Press Release: “Xinjiang Police Files” Reveal Thousands of Photographs of Detained Uyghurs

An explosive cache of leaked documents from the CCP’s internal system reveals new details about life for Uyghurs in the region’s sprawling detention system. This authenticated body of uncensored data includes photographic evidence of detainees, confidential internal documents, speech transcripts and datasets which link the policy to the central government and President Xi Jinping.

Images from the ‘Xinjiang Police Files’ show thousands of Uyghur prisoners, ranging from 15 to 73 years old, within the detention facilities, often flanked by armed guards. The host of arbitrary charges brought against these detainees provides an unprecedented record of the Chinese government’s criminalisation of the Uyghur culture and Islamic faith.

Reasons for imprisonment include watching a lecture six years ago on someone else’s phone, being related to a detainee, and not having sufficient phone credit.

The release of this cache coincides with Bachalet’s visit to the Uyghur region (Xinjiang), exacerbating concerns that Bachalet will be offered a tightly-controlled tour of the window-dressed region, as peddled by CCP propaganda.

Camp security instructions also shed light on how authorities enforce compliance within the camps. Guards carry assault rifles and armed lookouts patrol the camps from watchtowers. According to the cache, Chairman Xi Jinping directly ordered guards to ‘shoot-to-kill’ anyone who attempts to escape detention. A leaked speech also reveals Jinping ‘instructed’ subordinates to construct new detention facilities. Evidence of a chain of command leading to Xi Jinping proves the central government’s role as architects and enforcers of the policy. This link provides fresh evidence of the intentionality of the CCP’s campaign and triggers a key factor in the determination of genocide.

Rahima Mahmut, Executive Director of Stop Uyghur Genocide (SUG) said:

“So far, photographic evidence of the genocide being perpetrated against my people, the Uyghurs, has been thin on the ground. This leak has revealed thousands of pictures of detained Uyghurs, some as young as 15 years old. Behind each of these photographs is a human being that has been traumatised, their life senselessly destroyed by the Chinese state. The police directives, classified speeches, spreadsheets of personal data and details of detainees paint an image of a sophisticated, violent and merciless system of control. With this evidence laid bare, there is no excuse for inaction from the international community. These photographs depict a genocide – the UK government must acknowledge that and take action.”

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