Tell Your MP: It’s Time to Call It Genocide

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On 22nd April the House of Commons will finally get the chance to vote to recognise the crimes against Uyghurs and other Muslims in China for what they are: genocide. This is a huge moment. If you have ever wondered what you can do to help Uyghurs, now is the time. Please contact your Member of Parliament to ask them to vote to recognise the genocide.

Please send a message to your MP today. We have included a template below, but please don’t feel you have to use it. It may be more powerful to personalise your message to your MP, or example referring to your own people’s experience of genocide or persecution or acknowledging your MP’s previous activities on issues around Uyghurs or other human rights issues. 

You can email your MP by entering your postcode here. Please remember to include your name and postcode as your MP can only answer if they know you live in their constituency. 


Dear XXX


I am emailing you, as your constituent, to ask you to support this motion recognising the Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide inflicted on Uyghur Muslims and other minorities by the Chinese state, and calling on the Government to fulfil its obligations under the Genocide Convention to end this Genocide.

As you know, action through the international courts is blocked by China’s veto or non-signatory status.  However, two recent independent legal opinions, in the UK and USA,  concluded that the legal definition of genocide has been met, with China “breaching each and every act prohibited” by the Genocide Convention.  Last month the Government, in passing the Neill Amendment to the Trade Bill, reversed longstanding government policy that only courts, and not Parliament can make a preliminary determination of Genocide.  This motion is a natural consequence of this change and reflects Parliament’s duty to the Uyghurs to respond to these legal opinions, in line with its obligations under the Genocide Convention to punish and prevent Genocide.

This is only the second time in Parliament’s history that a motion recognising genocide has been debated. Its successful passage would not only be historic but would ensure the UK does not fall behind other nations, such as the USACanada and the Netherlands, whose governments and Parliaments have recently recognised the Genocide. It would also put Parliament on the right side of UK public opinion. A poll last month showed 75% of the public – and 83% of Conservative voters – want the international community to take action to encourage China to improve its human rights record.

As my MP, I ask you to represent me by voting for this historic motion, so that Parliament reflects public opinion and helps lead international action to end this Genocide.

Yours sincerely

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