Uyghur Women's
Solidarity Pledge

Stop Uyghur Genocide’s pledge commits signatories to work with affected peoples to raise awareness of the infringement of Uyghur women’s human rights, amplify survivors’ voices and hold perpetrators to account.

The Campaign

The Chinese government is committing one of the most extreme assaults on women’s rights in the world today against Uyghur women. Women in the region are being subjected to a near-total loss of autonomy over their bodies, their reproductive health and their private lives. 

Whilst women’s bodies remain at the epicentre of a genocide, it is essential that the voices of women’s organisations are at the forefront of the resistance. 

Signing the Uyghur Women’s Solidarity pledge publicly commits your institution to standing with Uyghur women in their fight against genocide. This pledge is tailored for women’s organisations, but all charities, faith groups, trade unions and community groups with a dedication to the advancement of women’s rights, regardless of their legal status, are encouraged to sign. 

Signatories also have the opportunity to stay connected with Stop Uyghur Genocide’s campaign by opting-in to receiving monthly bulletins on women’s rights in the Uyghur region and its intersection with the broader landscape of gendered atrocities.

The Pledge