How Can I Help the Uyghurs?


Why Give to Stop Uyghur Genocide?

The on-going genocide against the Uyghurs is the biggest human rights emergency in the world, yet Stop Uyghur Genocide is run almost entirely by a time of a team of dedicated volunteers. We are up against the propaganda machine of the second-largest economy of the world. We need your help to fund our work to expose the crimes being committed against the Uyghurs, campaign for action by governments around the world, and organise grassroots activities.

Your money will get results. Our campaign has already created global publicity that has opened the eyes of the world to the horrific situation in the Uyghur Region. We have given voice to Uyghur refugees who have escaped the Regime, and we have lobbied hundreds of politicians and won a commitment to real action from governments. Every penny you give will go toward our fight for Uyghurs’ human rights.


Our campaign relies on the support of our network of volunteers in the UK and around the world. You can be an ally to the Uyghurs and others facing genocide by signing up to our newsletter.

We promise not to bombard you with emails but instead we’ll keep you up to date with the latest developments from the Uyghur Region and campaign news. 


You can help the Uyghurs by putting pressure on politicians to take action.

The attacks against Uyghurs aren’t just wrong, they are a crime. After the Second World War, the world’s nations came together to declare that the attempt to destroy a people was a specific crime: genocide. These nations declared that when genocide was happening, they had a responsibility to prevent it. Today Stop Uyghur Genocide works to make sure that ‘Never Again’ is a promise kept rather than a platitude from politicians.

More than a hundred MPs have signed the Parliamentary Pledge for Uyghurs, which calls on the UK Government to take  action to protect Uyghurs. Ask your MP to sign the pledge today.


You can use your power as a consumer to demand that major UK brands move their production from the Uyghur region. In the Uyghur region in northwest China, millions of Muslims have been imprisoned in a huge network of camps. Factories are built inside these camps where Uyghurs are used for slave labour, or they are transferred to work in factories hundreds of miles away from their homes. The use of Uyghurs as slaves is especially bad in the huge cotton industry that supplies major world brands.


One of the most important ways you can help is by speaking up for Uyghurs where you are.

We are building a campaign across British society: as consumers, on campuses, in communities, and in congratulations. You can help by organising for Uyghurs in your University, place of worship, or trade union.


We have produced a campaign toolkit with simple ways you can help bring people together to help Uyghurs. From how to hold a meeting on the Uyghur genocide, to template motions for political parties or trade unions, to advice on what you can do in your Church, Mosque, Temple or Synagogue, you’ll find lots of useful tips in our activist’s guide.