We are a UK-based grassroots campaign, led by Uyghur human rights activist Rahima Mahmut. We seek to bring together individuals and organisations to campaign for the human rights of Uyghurs.

We work to increase awareness of the crimes being committed against Uyghurs and other muslim minorities by the Chinese Regime. We work with political leaders to secure action to protect Uyghurs and hold those responsible for genocide to account. We work with communities, congregations and consumers to help people to come together to take action to protect Uyghurs and prevent genocide.


Rahima Mahmut, Executive Director

Rahima is an Uyghur human rights activist, interpreter and translator, and singer. She became Executive Director of Stop Uyghur Genocide in 2020, after spending years building a cross-community coalition pushing for greater action on the on-going genocide of her people. Rahima has extensive experience of advocating for her community; as a translator, she has worked closely with survivors to bring breaking news reports, and interpreted witness’ testimonies during the Uyghur Tribunal. She has played a key role in encouraging politicians and public figures in the UK to support the campaign against the Chinese authorities’ atrocities. Rahima is also currently UK Director of the World Uyghur Congress, and Advisor to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC).

Edie Martin, Campaign Officer

Edie joined Stop Uyghur Genocide in 2021 after interning for a number of human rights organisations, including the Centre for Women’s Justice and close SUG partner, Rene Cassin, the Jewish Voice for Human Rights. Edie is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of Stop Uyghur Genocide’s campaigns. Alongside her work with us, Edie is also currently undertaking a human rights masters at UCL.

To get in touch with Edie, email her at: edie@stopuyghurgenocide.co.uk

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Isabela Rodrigues, Assistant and Researcher

Isabela joined Stop Uyghur Genocide in 2021 as Rahima’s Assistant and Researcher after graduating from Edinburgh University with a bachelor’s in English Literature. Isabela provides support on Stop Uyghur Genocide’s campaigns and communications. She also works with Rahima in the World Uyghur Congress London Office.

To get in touch with Isabela, email her at: isabela@stopuyghurgenocide.co.uk

Stop Uyghur Genocide’s Advisory Board includes:

  • Mia Hasenson-Gross, Executive Director of Rene Cassin, the Jewish Voice of Human Rights.
  • Roger Alton, Former Editor of the Observer and Independent. Contributing Editor of the Daily Mail.
  • Blair McDougall, Former Special Adviser and Chief Executive of the Better Together Campaign.
  • Edwin Shuker, former Vice President Board of Deputies of British Jews, Special Envoy to the President of the European Jewish Congress for Interfaith and Refugees.
  • Benedict Rogers, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Watch.
  • Luke de Pulford, Director of Arise Foundation, Co-founder of Coalition for Genocide Response, Member of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, Co-ordinator of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC).
  • Matthew Turner, Chair and Executive Director of the Labour Campaign for Human Rights.
  • Mark Johnson, Former Parliamentary Assistant to Alastair Carmichael MP, Former Liberal Democratic Party Parliamentary Candidate.
  • Michael Polak, Barrister at Church Court Chambers, Chair of Lawyers for Uyghur Rights.
  • Dearblha Minogue, Legal Officer at Global Legal Action Network (GLAN).
  • Dr Sheldon Stone BSc MD FRCP (retired), Rene Cassin Human Rights Fellow, World Uyghur Congress Campaign Associate.

Stop Uyghur Genocide is the campaign name for UYGHUR CAMPAIGN LTD which is registered as a company limited by guarantee in the UK SC673649

We can only operate with the generous support of our sponsors and supporters. In particular, we thank the Pears Foundation, whose support helped set up Stop Uyghur Genocide. Additionally, our thanks go to all whose donations allow us to campaign for the human rights of Uyghurs.